Why Use Hydroponics In Your Home?

Why Use Hydroponics In Your Home?

If lockdown has made you wish for a little more greenery in your home, you might be exploring how you can use hydroponics to grow a wider range of plants indoors.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a way of growing your own herbs, or any other plants for that matter. Writing for Gizmodo, Tegan Jones revealed that starting a hydroponic herb garden during lockdown had significant benefits for her mental health during this period.

She explained that it was “soothing” to watch the plants growing in her hydroponic garden, adding, “every day I was able to watch a little bit of life bloom and that was so important for my mental health”.

Another benefit of hydroponic growing is that these kinds of setups are easy to get started and relatively mess-free.

Hydroponics also accelerates the growing process, so if you’re used to growing plants outdoors you’re likely to find you see results much more quickly than you’re used to, Ms Jones added.

To get the most out of your hydroponics garden, you’ll want to invest in a light, or buy a package that includes one, to ensure that your plants have a consistent light source even though you’re indoors.

As we revealed last month, some 12 per cent of British households have no access to a private garden or shared outdoor space, which means that hydroponics could be a brilliant solution that allows you to grow your own produce indoors.

If you’re interested in hydroponics and want to get started with this method of growing plants of all types, check out our online hydro store to find out how you can get set up and what’s involved in beginning your hydroponics garden.