What Veg To Grow In Spring

What Veg To Grow In Spring

There are many reasons this could be the ideal time to test your horticultural skills and start growing some vegetables but What Veg To Grow In Spring can be hard to decide. Not only is it hard to access groceries in the supermarkets these days, as many customers stockpiled goods in a panic before the country went into lockdown, but gardening has been hailed as a great way to take your mind off the current coronavirus crisis.

So, if you fancy trying out a new hobby, here are the best fruit and veg you can try growing, so you can have tasty produce in a few weeks’ time.

  1. Tomatoes

When it comes to your first attempt at growing fresh goods, most people start with tomato seeds. This is because they are one of the easiest to grow in the British climate, so you do not have to rely on months of sunshine to achieve success.

They are also much tastier than shop-bought versions, making the entire process very satisfying for the home gardener, while producing tomatoes in all sorts of shapes and colours means you are never short of variety. 

Begin by sowing tomato seeds in trays two cm apart before moving to larger pots. This stage can be conducted indoors so they are not exposed to too much cold and wind. Once the seedlings begin to sprout, they should be planted in a flowerbed outdoors or in a greenhouse that is well ventilated to prevent pests and diseases during the warmer, summer months. An air-cooled light set-up could be ideal for this, providing the right environment for abundant fruition during the summer months.

  • Carrots

Another very useful veg to grow are carrots, as you can have these in salad, as sticks with dips, and added to any stew or pasta sauce for extra vitamins.

The great thing about them is they can be sown outside from the get go, so you don’t have to worry about transferring them. Gardeners World recommends sowing them on soil that is free of stones to prevent forked carrots.

Once the seeds have been planted, you should be able to see some produce in three to four months’ time.

  • Lettuce

Though it is best to sow lettuce seeds indoors in trays initially before transplanting them when the weather warms up, they are a great choice of produce to grow at this time of the year.

Once they sprout, you can be sure you’ll be eating them every day in fresh salads, especially over the summer months.

  • Fruit bushes and trees

If you can’t get enough of fruit but don’t fancy heading to the shop every few days in this current climate, it is worth planting your own fruit tree or bush.

Some garden centres that sell essential goods are still open, while others are providing a delivery service. Therefore, there are ways you can get your hands on pot-grown fruit trees to replant in your garden.

Apples and pear trees are hardy, particularly in the unpredictable British weather, and will last years if treated properly. They also produce an abundance of fruit, which could be used to make puddings, such as crumbles, pies, and strudels.

Strawberries are also popular during the summertime, although need a little more care and attention.