Torus Hydro PerfectPH – Natural Ion PH Balancer

Torus Hydro PerfectPH – Natural Ion PH Balancer

This is a revolutionary product in the field of PH stabilisation.

A new solution over the regular age-old PH up / PH down debacle.


PH is the measure of alkaline or acidity in an aqueous solution

If a solution is acidic then it has a PH range of 0 to 6.9

If a solution is alkaline then it has a PH range of 7.1 to 14

Pure or deionised water is neutral at PH 7.0


2 of the most important factors in nutrient and water management are PH and conductivity. A good understanding of these variables is a necessity where hydroponic gardening is concerned.


PH (Power of Hydrogen) maintenance is an essential factor in all Hydroponics setups.

Without the plants being rooted in soil, excessive levels of alkalinity can build up, creating a toxic environment for the plants.

PerfectPH solves this problem by removing the positively charged Ions that can cause this build up, attenuating the perfect PH environment for your plants to thrive.


The PerfectPH is revolutionary PH stabilizer that automatically balances the PH of your hydroponics system, keeping it in the ideal range for optimum nutrient absorption.

The advanced Ion technology employed by PerfectPH has also been proven by NASA to stabilize plant PH with zero toxic effects, providing a handy one-stop solution to PH control and avoiding the need for messy PH pen and solution combinations.


In order for your plant’s roots to uptake the nutrients essential to growth, a slightly acidic to neutral PH range is required. When the PH levels stray out of this zone, you will experience what is known as “nutrient lockout” where the plants do not absorb the nutrients they need properly, stunting the plant’s growth and disrupting their immune systems.


With plants traditionally planted in soil, the earth itself acts as a natural buffer against such problems as excessive alkalinity by dissipating a build-up of H+ Ions into the ground. When the plants are removed from this environment – with hydroponics as the example – this build-up of positively charged Ions can create an unstable growing environment. PerfectPH captures and separates these harmful positive Ions from concentrating in the mixture and provides the perfect environment for growth.


The PerfectPH saves you money by eliminating the need for frequent reservoir changes and ultimately increasing yields. PerfectPH will also save you time by making daily PH tests a thing of the past, keeping your water in the PH safe zone at all times. Eco-friendly too – PerfectPH’s 100% regenerative sustainability means zero landfill waste.

No more wasted water either as PerfectPH keeps your reservoir fresh throughout the whole grow cycle resulting in a staggering 2600% water savings.




PerfectPH should be kept in its container until ready to pop it into your reservoir.

Simply drop it into your tank and watch your PH levels stabilize.

Store at temperatures not exceeding 122f F/ 50 C

Safe for plant and animal life but not for human consumption.


Current models support up to 35 gallons and 70-gallon reservoirs. Multiple units can be used simultaneously for larger systems. (as a guide, 35 gallons is equivalent to approximately 132 litres and 70 gallons about 265)