The Top Gardening Trends For 2020 Revealed!

The Top Gardening Trends For 2020 Revealed!

If you’re one of the 27 million gardeners out there in the UK keen to get even more greenfingered in the future, then you might well find the latest trends report from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) particularly illuminating reading.

It’s always interesting to see what plants are going to be popular over the next few months, as well as designs and activities – and it could prove to be just the inspiration you need to come up with a few gardening plans yourself.

Predictions from the RHS include that supersize houseplants are going to be big news over the coming year as people move them from window sills and shelves to more prominent places around the house. Expect to see lots of Monstera and Alocasia popping up here, there and everywhere.

It’s also interesting to see growing interest in sustainability issues. Gardeners are becoming increasingly aware of the decline in wildlife and, as such, now looking for ways to help them, whether that’s through not being too tidy, growing a greater variety of plants and setting up bee hotels or through using compost heaps and building wildlife ponds.

You could also encourage wildlife by embracing bald patches in your grass, as recent RHS research has found that this could help species like ground-dwelling spiders, an important part of the natural balance of your garden because they feed on certain midges and insects.

Sustainable growing media like green waste compost and wood fibre is also proving popular, with people thinking increasingly about what their plants are growing in.

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