The importance of air in the grow room

The importance of air in the grow room


Daytime temperatures around 24/25ºC are optimal but hard to achieve without the help of fan’s to expel hot stale air.  The night time temperature wants to drop no more than 7ºC than that of the daytime temperature to prevent stretch happening between the branches.

A number of plants species stop growing under 15ºC degrees celcius & get too hot over 30ºC.  Certain nutrients become immobile and therefore unavailable to the plant at temperatures below 17ºC.  Ideally then we would aim for a working ‘good growth’ temperature from 19-28ºC.

One of the most important tools we use inside our cultivation space is the Hygrometer, a tool that records the temperature and humidity both day & night.  Having the right balance of air in and stale used air out of the growing area is crucial for maintaining the correct temperature on a blistering hot summers day or a cold night when the lights are turned off!  This can be very difficult to achieve manually, however this can be controlled with the use of a  single or dual fan thermostatic fan controller, where you are able to set the desired temperature & fan idle speed so its not moving large amounts of cold air into your grow room when not required.

Traditionally fresh air is piped into the growing room at a low level and then growers have relied on the air warming up and rising thru the canopy, this air would then be mixed in the space using oscillating fans.  However modern growers would opt to use ducting directly from their inlet fan to pipe the air in directly above and onto the canopy via a DifuseAir for even air distribution This air is then expelled via an extractor fan fitted which is fitted with a carbon filter or an ozone generator (the filter is used to clean the air of any unwanted smells), this fan is normally a larger more powerful fan than the one used to pull air in.  This is important, to maintain a ‘negative air pressure’ in the growing space, which you can see by the sides of the growing tent being pulled in! When two of the same size fans are used, with the exhaust fan being attached to a carbon filter, the tent will balloon out instead of sucking in, this is called positive air pressure! You don’t want this!

The Difuseair and all climate control equipment including the very latest EC fans (Electronically Commutated, meaning it’s a fan with a brushless DC motor) are available on our website, please call to chat about your specific environmental control needs.