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    Hesi SuperVit

    Number One Stimulator for plants in Europe

    Contains  25 plant-active vital elements, crucial for providing a source of strength for the plant in the soil.  Stimulating the production of growth and flowering hormones on plants, resulting in mega flower production.  A mix of 10 amino acids and 15 vitamins, that all play a huge role in the metabolism of a plant. The amino acids and vitamins (essential substances) are crucial building blocks of the plants enzymes, hormones, and chlorophyll.? Hesi SuperVit provides the plants with the vital substances in a ready-to-use form. This saves the plants energy & is noticeable  in the growth and flowering and as optimal  health and resistance.  Flower production is boosted, the light absorption of the plant is improved, metabolism is accelerated, activating hormone for growth and flowering and is therefore suitable during all periods of the growth cycle.   Plants are healthier & the end result-larger yield and stronger flowers!
    Also available in 50ml and 100ml
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    With this biological remedy gnawing larvae, insects and fungi do not stand a chance. The leaves soak up bio defence 1 & 2 when the plants are sprayed with it. This repeals many fungi, larvae and gnawing insects.
    Spraying plants with an insect agent is a significant precautionary measure for a successful cultivation. Often growers are oblivious to the fact that insect larvae already affect their plants. The precautionary spraying of the crop is therefore recommended in many cases. Avoid problems spray regularly with Bio Defence.

    Bio defence 1 & 2 have to be mixed together simultaneously in lukewarm water. Spray both the top and bottom of the leaves. When we repeat this treatment several times (at intervals of about ten days) the results will be obvious.

    Depending on the degree of inconvenience.
    Minimum: 1 ml per litre of water (1:1000).
    Maximum: 3 ml per litre of water (3:1000).

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