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    Bio-Wetter is an organic wetting agent extracted from the Yukka plant.

    This wetter contains natural bio stimulants and water tension breaking saponins.
    Bio-Wetter is also an excellent anti-stress agent helping your plants to recover from things such as transplanting, extreme temperatures, toxic shock and transportation damage.

    Benefits of Bio-Wetter

    Bio-Wetter, when used as a foliar spray, will:

    • Reduce surface tension
    • Improve the performance of pesticides
    • Improve water spread and penetration
    • Improve uptake of nutrients and trace elements

    When used as a drench Bio-Wetter will:

    • Increase biological activity within the medium
    • Improve seed germination
    • Improve nutrient absorption
    • Stimulate plant growth
    • Soften hard compacted soil

    How to Use

    Always shake well before use

    Foliar Spray: Add 1.5ml of Bio-Wetter to 1 Litre of water.

    Soil Drench:
    Add 2.5ml–3ml Bio-Wetter to 1 Litre of water.

    Caution: Do not inhale or swallow. Wear protective eye goggles and suitable gloves when handling and using this product. Keep away from children.

    Also available in 125ml