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Enhances the ability of plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently, optimizing plant functions and facilitates greater results using less nutrients. Aids in micronutrient uptake, increases water retention and provides vegetative humic acids. Supplements water, mineral, carbon and essential element requirements.

Should be used with your regular nutrient and fertilizer program. Works with all growth media and soil and symbiotically with the microorganisms in ML/Photosynthesis Plus and ML/Foliar Spray and Root Dip.


Containing Rare Earth Humates & feeds the beneficial organisms in Photosynthesis Plus.


Product Description



Nourish-L is a unique, liquid conditioner derived from a highly decomposed organic humus deposit, unparalleled by any other source of humates. Contains natural carbon made up of marine animal carbon and vegetative carbon compounds, making it more complex and superior to Leonardite sources as well as an amazing wealth of Cypress lignin – a high-level food source for the beneficial fungi and bacteria – which strengthens plant cell walls and enhances nutrient absorption and water-binding capabilities.

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