PowerPlant CoolWing Air Cooled Reflector


Quick Overview

When your growing space is small and the heat dispersion from lamps is an issue, PowerPlant has come up with the solution, the new PowerPlant CoolWing. Smaller than the PowerPlant AeroWing, the CoolWing is perfect for areas where space is limited and with it being air cooled, it helps to keep the temperature down. The new PowerPlant CoolWing allows ‘closer to plant’ growing through its unique air-cooled design which pushes air past the lamp through a 150mm (6 inches) outlet at the rear of the lamp holder. The inline duct design achieves rapid heat dispersion. You can also link up several PowerPlant CoolWings to make a multiple inline-lamp ducted systems. The PowerPlant CoolWing is ideal for all your general grow room needs where heat is an issue.

Complete with 4m IEC cord set


Product Description

PowerPlant CoolWing Air Cooled Reflector

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Weight 6.02 kg
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