Budmaster G.O.D – 8 LED Grow Light


Quick Overview

Budmaster II G.O.D – 8 LED Grow Light are all designed to be used in a 40sqm space and all these models should be kept as high in the tent as possible with just a couple of inches breathing space above the light.  There is no need to move these models any closer to your plants at any stage of their growth as they are so powerful.


Product Description

The high tech German engineering behind the Osram family of led we use in our lamps in un-paralleled within the horticultural LED market and our considerable expertise in the use of Osram led leads to an exceptional end product.

Our lamps are all UK designed and built ensuring the highest quality standards available in the industry, this shows in the durability and longevity of our light engines, in 4 years of trading we have not lost a single osram diode to failure of any kind and have thousands of very happy customers all over the globe.

LED’s:  Osram SSL Horticultural LED
PPF (Total):  729.6µmol
Efficacy:  1.89µmol/j
Energy Used:  385.44w
Amps:  1.8 Amps
Dimensions:  32 x 63 x 6cm
Target Area:  120 x 160 x 200cm Space
Replaces:  Replaces 600w HPS

Additional information

Weight 3 kg