Budmaster G.O.D – 4 LED Grow Light


Quick Overview

With the new Osram Delux Gold LED grow lights Budmaster have truly eclipsed every other light in the cosmos, with superior quality German engineering these Osram diodes really are the best that money can buy with many additional features that come together to bring a truly remarkable end product.



Product Description

Osram LEDs are made in Germany with the highest possible quality standards and controls and are all

UL / CUL certified and come with many additional features including :

    1. Precision optics for better light dispersal.
    2. 200 – 300% more PAR output than traditional 3w leds.
    3. 100,000 hrs lifespan double the usual standard of 50,000 hrs.
    4. Integrated solderpads for exact fitting.
    5. Exact wavelengths guaranteed and horticultural bandwidths.
    6. Minimum drop of output over time.
    7. New lens mould specifically designed for the Osram series.
    8. 1.6mm thick PCB made in the UK.
    9. Standard Budmaster aluminium finned copper core heat sinks.
    10. LED’s:  Osram SSL Horticultural LED
    11. PPF (Total):  364.8µmol
    12. Efficacy:  1.89µmol/j
    13. Energy Used:  193w
    14. Amps:  0.9 Amps
    15. Dimensions:  32 x 32 x 6cm
    16. Target Area:  80 x 80 x 180cm Space
    17. Replaces:  Replaces 400w HPS

Budmaster II 300 series are all designed to be used in a 0.80sqm tent and all these models should be kept as high in the tent as possible with just a couple of inches breathing space above the light. There is no need to move these models any closer to your plants at any stage of their growth as they are so powerful.

Budmaster II 300 G.O.D has almost triple the PAR output of a brand new 600w digital ballast and bulb HPS making it a truly awesome lighting experience bringing German engineering to your grow room.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg