Orca Grow Tents


Quick Overview

Secret Jardin grow tents have probably sold more grow tents than any other brand and by far have the biggest range, the latest is the orca range, Orca has the highest light and thermal reflective properties in the game. Fact. 30%  more than any other grow tent in fact that’s why if you are going to grow, you should grow orca.

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Product Description

Orca Grow Tents

These incredible tents are not only made by the industry respected grow tent manufacturer ‘Secret Jardin”‘ but actually include ‘ Orcas’ awesome reflective grow light sheeting. This stuff is 30% more reflective than normal mylar or white surfaces! So when you do the maths of increased light mass per meter these growing structures are a no-brainer.

Additional information

Weight 22.00 kg
Dimensions 2.00 × 0.30 × 0.25 cm
Orca sizes

OR 120, OR 240W