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Product Description

ONA Spray 250ml (Tropics)

ONA’s reputation for killing smells stone-dead is without parallel, and their range of air fresheners has now been extended to include a spray form. Pressing the spray-bottle’s top releases a short burst of odour-eliminating spray which obliterates unwanted smells, leaving in its wake a subtle tropical fragrance.

  • ONA – Superb, long-lasting & totally reliable odour control
  • New, convenient spray form
  • Controls smells by eliminating them, not just by masking them with a strong perfume
  • Effectively eliminates any odour or smell in a small/medium sized room
  • Tropical scent – a fruity and fresh fragrance reminiscent of tropical fruit


1 x ONA Spray 250ml (Tropics)

How ONA Spray 250ml (Tropics) works:

ONA are renowned for producing some of the best odour control products on the market – the odour-neutralising powers of ONA products are known to rank among the best in the industry. ONA Spray contains all the power of other ONA air-freshening products but in a convenient spray form.

A short burst aimed high into the centre of a room will spread, neutralising odours in a small to medium sized area. It destroys unwanted smells without leaving behind an overpowering scent, just the subtle aroma of tropical fruit. ONA Spray consists of an essential oil-based formula which is derived from natural, plant-based ingredients. This makes it a sensible choice for the more environmentally conscious out there – a great alternative to the sea of chemically-based options on the market.

Using ONA Spray 250ml (Tropics):

Press the top to release a short burst of odour-eliminating spray high into the centre of a room. The odour control will spread out with normal air circulation, neutralising unwanted smells. ONA Spray comes in particularly handy for those situations when you require additional odour control at short notice, such as for the arrival of unexpected guests.

ONA Spray provides an effective means of destroying smells in most standard applications. It works brilliantly at home or in the office, and it’s great for helping to banish pet smells and other lingering, difficult-to-shift odours. ONA Spray units can be refilled using ONA Liquid, which can be purchased separately in litre-sized bottles.

Although ONA Spray is formulated using naturally ingredients, it is still essential that you follow sensible standard practices. Always wash your hands thoroughly if the formula makes contact with your skin, and avoid spraying near people’s eyes.

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