ONA Liquid plus Car Dispenser


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Product Description

ONA Plug-In Car Air Freshener

The incredible air freshening ability of ONA doesn’t have to stop in your grow room — this plug in car air freshener gives you the ability to completely remove bad smells and replace them with your favourite ONA fragrance in your car too.

  • ONA – Superb, long-lasting & totally reliable odour control
  • Comes with your choice of FREE 50ml ONA flavour (Tropics, Fresh Linen or Polar Crystal)
  • Has a USB port attached to the front available to use for other electrical items
  • Effectively eliminates any odour and smell in your car
  • Leaves a light fresh smell
  • Can be topped-up with ONA’s liquid refills

The ONA Plug-In Car Air Freshener Contains:

1 x ONA Plug-In Car Air Freshener
1 x 50ml ONA fragrance (Tropics, Fresh Linen or Polar Crystal)

How the ONA Plug-In Car Air Freshener Works:

ONA produce some of the best odour control products in the world. ONA In-Car Air Fresheners get rid of any smell without leaving an overpowering fragrance. The odour neutralising power of ONA products is well known to be the best in the industry. The ONA In-Car Air Freshener releases the ONA odour neutralising vapour into the surrounding air and very effectively eliminates ANY smell, leaving behind a light fragrance. The liquid will last for weeks and can be “topped-up” with ONA liquid. ONA gel works to eliminate the smells from all the following (and more): smoke, food, mildew and mould, sewage and plant smells.

Using the ONA Plug-In Car Air Freshener:

Fill the ONA Plug-In Car Air Freshener with either the provided or your favourite flavour of ONA liquid. Plug the unit into the 12v cigarette lighter socket in your car, press the button on the Air Freshener unit once to enter humidification mode, pressing it a second time will enter aroma diffusion mode.