HESI Starter Kit for SOIL


Quick Overview

The HESI Starter Kits are great value for the money. The box contains all the required nutrition for your plants to thrive!

For beginners or experienced growers, Hesi starter kits are highly recommended. Each kit includes an easy to follow grow schedule. A great way to test Hesi nutrients for the first time!

Product Description

HESI Starter Kit for SOIL

The HESI Starterbox Soil contains:

1x Root Complex 500ml
1x SuperVit 10ml
1x PowerZyme 500ml
1x TNT Complex 500ml
1x Bloom Complex 1000ml
1x Phosphorus Plus 1000ml
1x HESI BOOST 100ml
+ Catalogue, Growschedule

Additional information

Weight 4.1 kg