HESI Root Complex


Quick Overview


Hesi Root Complex


Root stimulator for plants


Root Complex plant starter for
great healthy roots, amazing resistance and spot on in any plant medium.
Improves the uptake of
food and awakens bacteria in the soil. For vitality,
lush green colour, thick stems and an exploding root system.

Hesi Root Complex is a great mix of trace elements with vital components
(enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and plant sugars ) providing juvenile plants
with an excellent start in life, also great for stressed out plants &
mothers.   In addition it
ensures a thick stems and a colonisation of healthy micro-organisms in the
medium, ideal for mother plants and clones. Add some Complex to the
mother plant a few days before the clones are cut, this will give the new
cuttings all the required substances for taking root rapidly.


Product Description

HESI Root Complex

Root Complex is suitable for soil and hydroponic use at 5ml per litre.

A very versatile product promotes vigorous root growth and can also be used as a pre-soak for all types of growing mediums.

Highly recommended.

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