Bloom Room Flexi Trays 290x290x20cm


Quick Overview

Sizes include:
85cm x 85cm xm 20cmcm
95cm x 95cm x 20cm
115cm x 115cm x 20cm +195cm x 95cm x 20cm
235cm x 115cm x 20cm
290cm x 290cm x 20cm


Product Description

Bloom Room Flexi Trays 290x290x20cm.

We welcome these splendid foldable, packable, collect as much leaked water as possible flexi-catchment trays to our store. The Bloomrooms systems flagship product, a foldable catchment tray that can actually hold water up unto the brim of fluid (unlike other flexi trays on the market) you will be amazed as they save you from a tsunami of spilt water.

Additional information

Weight 3.50 kg
Dimensions 0.60 × 0.30 × 0.30 cm