Stealth Hyperfan (Silenced)


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Cool, Smooth & Efficient

In Brief:

The Hyperfan is encased in it’s own silencer, resembling a filter but it’s actually a fan!

Hyperfans are designed to push or pull the highest possible airflow
through carbon filters, ducting and air-cooled hoods.

Hyperfans have extremely high pascal pressure outputs with up to 12% more push
than the nearest competing mixed flow fan, and up to 45% more than a standard
centrifugal fan.

If you want to increase your true airflow and dramatically reduce heat, then
the Hyperfan is for you!

The most technologically advanced fan in the industry

Brushless, digital motor offers unrivalled efficiency of over 85%, meaning
Hyperfan uses only a quarter of the power of other fans on the market.

High pressure output means a smaller airflow drop when used in conjunction with
a carbon filter

Adjustable between 35 – 100% for ultimate flexibility

Won’t hum or buzz like a conventional fan when speed is reduced due to the
digital motor technology

Oversized sealed bearings
for maximum lifespan

Wired speed controller included

Hyper Fan: 10 benefits and features in brief;

High efficiency: Half the power consumption, more
than 8 CFM / 13.6 M3/hr per watt. Leading competitor fans are 3-4 CFM / 6.8
M3/hr per watt.

ECM Motor: with best reliability and long life
time (60,000-70,000 hrs). Leading competitor fans are rated at 30,000 – 40,000
hrs maximum

PWM – Pulse Width Modulator: It
regulates the power feed to fan electronically. It changes the frequency range
harmonics between 40hz and 400khz. This gives you less “on and off”
cycles, allowing you to get full speed control and maximum output from the
minimum power usage. Less power equals less amps equals less heat. Less heat
means less wear on components and a longer expected life span. Leading
competitors are 3 speed on a non-capacitor driven motor (motor stress and early
motor failure imminent).

Highly compact: Small
but mighty. Full tube assembly. Leading competitor fans are much larger and
comprise several assembly points.

Lightweight: One third the weight for ease of

6. Easy mounting: Handy mounting bracket attached to the fan. Complete
orbital/offset mounting applications.

7. Fan speed
: Independently wired speed controller that will
regulate the fan from 35% – 100% with no rattle & hum when dimmed. If it
fails the fan goes back to full speed, you unplug it from the cord and replace
without fan removal.

Self-Lubricating Bearings: Large bearings for increased reliability and

Static Pressure: The
Hyper Fan delivers more static pressure than any other fan in its class,
worldwide. More static pressure, less pressure drop when loaded resulting in
more airflow. All this whilst using less power!

10. Laminar Flow
Fan Blade technology
: This is the foundation of the airflow
and the highest static pressure performance of any fan in its class.

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Product Description

Stealth Hyperfan (Silenced)

Hyper Fan’s Laminar Flow Fan Blade & Stator Technology create optimal airflow similar in design to an airplane jet engine. The result is very high CFMs and exceptional static pressure performance. The Hyper Fan Stealth delivers the highest CFMs per W of any silenced fan in the industry.

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