Hygrozyme Enzyme


Quick Overview

  • Provides a cleaner root zone
  • Accelerates breakdown of dead roots
  • Effective in all growing media & growth stages
  • Compatible with all nutrient & supplement programs
  • Supports beneficial microbes

Hygrozyme Enzyme breaks down old roots into food for your plants, it keeps the rhizosphere (root-zone) disease-free. Hygrozyme is made from earth-friendly natural ingredients and can also be used to prepare growing substrates for use a second time.


Product Description

Hygrozyme Enzyme

Dead cells shedding from the roots may cause the root zone to become unhealthy.  However, Hygrozyme’s two-fold approach will solve this.  This enzyme will eat these dead cells and convert them into food for your plants, therefore, creating more space for roots to grow.

Additional information

Weight 0.565 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 20 cm