Photon LED


Quick Overview

Photon LED’s FullPhotoSpec™ light spectrum(fig. A) is the result of multiple years of research into optimum light spectrums for plant growth. The result of this extensive research has led us to develop a full spectrum light with a spectrum which closely mimics the McCree Curve.

Designed in the 1970s by Dr McCree, The McCree curve outlines the plant’s average response to different wavelengths and each wavelength’s importance to plant growth. Photosynthesis was found to largely occur between wavelengths of 400nm (deep blue) to 700nm (far red), which is commonly known as the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). Therefore, it is widely accepted that a grow light emitting a spectrum closest to the McCree curve will show a higher rate of photosynthesis than one that does not; this translates to a larger, faster-growing plant and an increase in yield.


Product Description

Photon LED


Consuming only 65W per unit means Photon LED™ far outpaces competitors. With our recommended 7-way configuration, you’ll still only be drawing 455W from the mains. When compared to 600W High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps, that’s almost 30% difference; therefore saving you on the cost of electricity.


You can customise your Photon LED™ system to have an immense 30 units, that’s up to 4 x 7-way configurations, all running from one domestic mains socket without any relays or contactors required. With extension leads, don’t worry about having to connect them all into one behemoth of light, you can space them out and fill your whole grow room.


Photon LED™ was designed to fulfil the needs of any grow, whether it’s a 0.16 m2 tent, a 10,000 m2 facility, an oddly shaped room or a greenhouse, we have you covered. Bearing the plethora of settings, you could find yourself growing in during the design phase, led directly to the product you see today.  A solid, competitive, easy to use product that is suitable for both hobbyists and commercial ventures.


Using full spectrum LED’s gives Photon LED™  an advantage over many other competitors using LED grow lights. We’re sure you’ve heard ‘But full spectrum is unnecessary, plants don’t absorb green light’ time and time again. Whilst this was believed to be true for many numbers of years, recent discoveries indicate that plants do in fact utilise green light, stimulating chloroplasts at a deeper level than that of the rest of the spectrum. Greenlight also offers greater canopy penetration. As further is discovered with regards to this, we only expect it to make full spectrum lights more and more commonplace in the horticultural industry. Using full spectrum LED’s also means that there’s no need to swap bulbs out as you move through your grow cycle, from propagation to vegetation to bloom, Photon LED™ does it all. 


It’s a well-known fact that the life span of LED’s far outstrip HID bulbs, but when the data is broken down it’s a rather sobering read. Whilst HPS and CDM bulbs state a life expectancy of around 24,000 hours or 5.5 years, most manufacturers advise changing your bulbs every 12 – 18 months, however. Couple this with the fragile nature of such bulbs, and you may find yourself spending lots of time and money getting new ones. Photon LED™, on the other hand, has a huge 50,000 hours or 11 years life expectancy. To this end, we run each LED at 45% of their maximum capacity, giving you peace of mind that your Photon LED™ will last. Whilst LED’s heat output is almost negligible in terms of your grow rooms temperature, they do get hot enough to affect their own functionality. With this in mind, the research and development team have integrated a heat escape valve to aid in the removal of heat between the LED’s and the lens-plate, so as to avoid any expansion and thus impacting the performance of your Photon LED™ system.