Romantic Plants For Valentine’s Day

Romantic Plants For Valentine’s Day

Not all Valentine’s Day gifts have to consist of chocolates and a bottle of fizz, and lots of people love something a bit more personal and thoughtful from their partner. For instance, a horticultural enthusiast is sure to adore being given a houseplant on February 14th or something that will make their garden look even more beautiful.

Here are our pick of the most romantic plants you can give on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Heart Ferns

There are many plants that have heart-shaped leaves, but one of the most distinctive is the heart fern. Its glossy leaves are a contrast to its thin black stems, making it look understated yet unique.

You can jazz it up by putting it in a terrarium, as it requires humidity. That is why it is ideal for a steamy bathroom, or in a hydro air heating system that provides just the right temperature and light it needs to thrive.

  • Bleeding heart

The Dicentra spectabilis, otherwise known as the bleeding heart, is a beautiful plant, regardless of whether it is given on Valentine’s Day or not.

You will recognise it from its heart-shaped flowers hanging on an arching stem. Its petals are normally pink and white or plain white, and will add a lovely spring feel to a home or garden this February.

They are great gifts as they are perennials, so you can watch them blossom every spring. What’s more, they are easy to grow, so long as you have moist soil and plant them in partial shade. They will thrive with some added organic matter, and some varieties of dicentras can even stretch up to 80 cm.

  • Hoya hearts

For a really unique-looking plant, opt for a hoya heart. These simple plants are small but distinctive, with the single waxy heart-shaped leaf sending a clear and definite message of love.

According to Gardenista: “It is about as indestructible as houseplants come, provided that you don’t drown it with overwatering.”

This could be the ideal choice for those who are just getting started with gardening and planting, as it is an easy plant to look after. What’s more, they last well simply resting on windowsills and do not need replanting in the garden. 

However, the publication warned couples: “[They] may disappoint others who were hoping their plant would grow along with their relationship.”

  • Lavender rose plant

There is no doubt about it – roses are certainly the most popular flower to give for Valentine’s Day. However, if you do want to bestow your loved one with a bunch of pink roses, why not opt for a lavender rose plant instead?

The petals on this variety of rose are a beautiful dusky pink/purple, while giving a plant instead of a bouquet means the flowers will last a lot longer. Indeed, if they are well-looked after, they could even be replanted so they can continue blossoming and growing. They are also perennial, so they will grow again every 12 months, reminding you of your romantic gift year in, year out.