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    Plagron Batmix is probably one of the best pre-fertilized soils money can buy.  Enhances smell and taste using various elements of guano and worm manure mixed with white, black and fibrous peat for optimum lightness and aeration.

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    This heavily pre-fertilized substrate
    mixture emulates a rich outdoor soil with a full micro active ecosystem. BioBizz All Mix 50Ltrs has
    been designed to have enough nutrient fuelled
    power to sustain lush growth for
    a 3-4 weeks, without any need to add
    any extra base fertiliser.

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    Light Mix has also been specially blended to ensure optimal drainage throughout – an essential property if you use automatic irrigation systems.

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    Worm Castings are organic and offer your crop an abundance of natural trace elements, enzymes, minerals, bacteria and fungi. Using worm castings has many advantages, it promotes faster and better germination of seeds, powerful root development, higher nutrient absorption in the plant and delivers a better higher yield. It also helps to promote general resistance to disease. Worm castings can be used at all times, it never burns, even with the most delicate plants. Castings are not only highly fertile and natural, but is also economical and extremely user-friendly.

    Usage in full soil: You can fertilise 3 to 4 square metres with 1 litre of worm castings.

    Usage in potting soil: 10 to 20% worm castings: mix well.