Organic Soil

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  • £18.99

    Plagron Batmix is probably one of the best pre-fertilized soils money can buy.  Enhances smell and taste using various elements of guano and worm manure mixed with white, black and fibrous peat for optimum lightness and aeration.

  • £17.00 £15.00

    This heavily pre-fertilized substrate
    mixture emulates a rich outdoor soil with a full micro active ecosystem. BioBizz All Mix 50Ltrs has
    been designed to have enough nutrient fuelled
    power to sustain lush growth for
    a 3-4 weeks, without any need to add
    any extra base fertiliser.

  • £13.00 £11.00

    Light Mix has also been specially blended to ensure optimal drainage throughout – an essential property if you use automatic irrigation systems.