Soil Additives

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  • £14.99£429.99

    Organic slow-release fertiliser tablets for plants.

    BioTabs condition the soil through microbiological activity while fertilizing the plant.

  • £18.99£159.99

    BioTabs PK Booster

    Bat Guano


    P releasing bacteria

    K mobilising bacteria

    Selected special ingredients

  • £34.99£144.99

    Organic Soil Conditioner.

    Blend of 9 species of Endo Mycorrhiza spores

    Contains Beneficial Rhizo Bacteria, Seaweed meal and Humic acid.

    Increases root capacity by up to 700%

    Improves absorption of water and minerals from the soil which increases the growth ratio.

    Certified 100% Organic

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    Guerrilla Tabs are slow-release organic fertiliser tablets, that condition the soil through microbiological activity while fertilising the plant.

  • £26.00£108.50

    Has beneficial soil bacteria for the root system.

    Converts organic matter into nutrients.

    Certified 100% Organic.

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    Silicium Flash contains a quick-acting dose of Silicon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium that is rapidly absorbed by your plants.


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    100% Organic soil improver
    Brings soil back to life
    High probiotic bacteria content
    Contains silicon (Si) and Fulvic acid.


  • £54.00

    Sufficient for 5 to 10 plants, depending on the used pot-size.
    Less work, better organic yields.
    Let nature do the work!

  • £37.99

    Bio Tabs Guerrilla Box & Guerrilla Juice all in one box. Organic slow release fertiliser tablets, booster juice and beneficial bacteria all in one tab.


  • £31.00

    Organic Plant Biostimulant

    100% VEGAN

    100% organic plant bio-stimulant

    100% natural amino acids, peptides, glucides & minerals

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    Mycorrhizal fungi: Beneficial fungi that live in partnership with plant roots, providing nutrition and protection.

  • £21.00

    Guerrilla Juice works in harmony with the beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi.

    It contains balanced quantities of;
    Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe.

  • £10.79

    Worm Castings are organic and offer your crop an abundance of natural trace elements, enzymes, minerals, bacteria and fungi. Using worm castings has many advantages, it promotes faster and better germination of seeds, powerful root development, higher nutrient absorption in the plant and delivers a better higher yield. It also helps to promote general resistance to disease. Worm castings can be used at all times, it never burns, even with the most delicate plants. Castings are not only highly fertile and natural, but is also economical and extremely user-friendly.

    Usage in full soil: You can fertilise 3 to 4 square metres with 1 litre of worm castings.

    Usage in potting soil: 10 to 20% worm castings: mix well.

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    Biosys contains a unique blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants. Easy and quick to mix and use, nothing immediately improves the health of your root zone quite like Biosys. Breathe new life into your plants with Biosys — the instant microbial tea from Ecothrive.