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  • £49.95

    Specially made to fit onto the top of ONA’s own 4-litre tubs of gel and liquid refill bottles, the Breeze fan unit gently distributes the great ONA odour control over a medium-size room up to 140 square metres.

  • £4.87£8.95

    The superb odour control of ONA’s air fresheners is now available in a simple to use pot – available in 2 different sizes! The ONA Air Gel Pot contains a gel which slowly releases a continuous air freshening vapour, which very effectively eliminates smells in a small to medium-sized area. Great for any room in the house!

  • £8.95

    ONA Spray 250ml 

    ONA’s reputation for killing smells stone-dead is without parallel, and their range of air fresheners has now been extended to include a spray form. Pressing the spray-bottle’s top releases a short burst of odour-eliminating spray which obliterates unwanted smells, leaving in its wake a subtle tropical fragrance.

  • £12.00 £6.00

    The incredible air freshening ability of ONA doesn’t have to stop in your grow room — this plug in car air freshener gives you the ability to completely remove bad smells and replace them with your favourite ONA fragrance in your car too.