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  • £189.75

    PowerPlant® Lumatek Electronic 600w UltraLite System With PowerPlant® 600w HPS Lamp


    The lighting kit comprises the PowerPlant® Lumatek Electronic 600w Ballast, the PowerPlant® UltraLite closed reflector, the PowerPlant® ALB cord set and the PowerPlant® High-Pressure Sodium 600 watt lamp.
  • £124.58
    PowerPlant® Lumatek Electronic Ballast
    Electronic ballasts produce more lumens per watt of energy consumed. More efficient than magnetic ballasts, up to 30% brighter. Use only high quality lamps, PowerPlant® recommended. Allow adequate time for the lamp to cool down before reigniting, 20-30 minutes minimum.
    • 600 watt
    • Completely silent
    • Cut-off circuitry
    • Less heat
    • Small, compact design
    • Rubber feet
    • Can run Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps
    • Super Lumen switch for use with HPS lamps ONLY – gives a 10% boost for flowering or when lamps are ageing.
  • £99.99

    400 Watt Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballasts utilise all the great benefits of the standard Lumatek digital power-packs. This includes low energy consumption and super lumen switch to boost your bulb output. It also includes a dimmer switch so you can manipulate the output during different phases of plant growth. The 400 Watt Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast has 4 settings 250w, 250w super lumens, 400w and 400w super lumens. This means you can run your lights at 250 watts during vegetative growth where the plants have no need for high light levels (saving you electric). It can then up the output to 400w super lumens during the flowering growth.