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    HESI Root Complex is a plant stimulator for healthy roots. At the same time, through the activation of the bacteria in the soil, the absorption of fertiliser into all plant substrates is optimised, leading to healthy plant growth and improved strength. Especially after planting or repotting,


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    HESI Phosphorus Plus is used in combination with Hesi Bloom Complex in the second half of the flowering phase. During flowering, the plant develops an increased need for phosphorus and potassium. Using Phosphorus Plus, we give plants the right means at the right moment: phosphorus for the extra formation of flowers and potassium for fast transport to the flowers. Hesi soil nutrition has been balanced to the ratios in the soil environment and ensures that the plants are taken care of in an optimal manner. Thanks to the use of high-quality ingredients, the plants absorb all substances offered to them, so that no residues are left behind. With Phosphorus Plus the formation of the flowers is more powerful! HESI Phosphorus Plus is also suitable for all forms of phosphorus or potassium deficiency.

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    HESI PK13/14 is a potassium and phosphorus booster designed to encorage flower and fruit formation in plants.
    During the flowering period, plants are at the optimum of their lifecycle and as such have a greater need for certain nutrients
    Phosphorus is necessary for early growth and blooming, enhancing maturity and fruit growth. Potassium promotes the development of starches, carbohydrates, and sugars and increases fruit production.

    Hesi PK13/14 is highly recommended for anyone using the Hesi Hydro or Hesi Coco range of nutrients.

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    Fertiliser for flowering plants

    Hydro Bloom Complex is
    laced with active elements that raise the plant’s energy and maintains healthy
    flora in the soil. HESI’s high standards mean the finest ingredients, no
    fillers and therefore no residue.  This
    provides all the necessary elements to flowering plants during the flowering stage.

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    Hesi TNT Complex is a first-class growth promoter that ensures premium root health at all times. It works by breaking down dead root matter in both soil and hydroponic systems that can build up over time and restrict the absorption of nutrients. It is very useful in the early stages of growth to encourage healthy root development.

    The nitrogen that is used in TNT is 100% organic. The organic nitrogen compounds have no EC value because they are no salts. Therefore young plants are loaded with a minimum of salts, which creates ideal growing conditions, it appears that TNT Complex has a low EC value, but its degree of effectiveness is very high.

    TNT Complex contains all necessary nutrients and has been enriched with many vital components (vitamins, amino acids, plant active sugars) this guarantee successful growth. Plants that are treated with Hesi TNT Complex produce a large number of growing nodes and become powerful and strong with a healthy green colour.

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    Hesi Coco for flowering in hard water on coco substrates. Just like all the Hesi supplements, Hesi Coco is free of unnecessary ballast.

    Hesi Coco for hard water contains both mineral and organic compounds. All trace elements have been stabilized in protecting complexes and have been enriched with vitamins and vital elements. This way, a perfect balance is created in the system and a fast build-up of a healthy micro-flora is achieved.

    The EC readings of Hesi Coco is somewhat lower than other coco supplements because no salts have been added,

    For use during the flowering stage with coco in hard water areas.

    Dilution rate: up to 5ml per litre of water.

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    HESI Hydro Bloom contains a higher concentration of phosphorus and potassium components compared to Hydro Growth.

    HESI Hydro Bloom contains a mix of vital substances that is particularly geared to the flowering phase.