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  • £14.99£429.99

    Organic slow-release fertiliser tablets for plants.

    BioTabs condition the soil through microbiological activity while fertilizing the plant.

  • £18.99£159.99

    BioTabs PK Booster

    Bat Guano


    P releasing bacteria

    K mobilising bacteria

    Selected special ingredients

  • £34.99£144.99

    Organic Soil Conditioner.

    Blend of 9 species of Endo Mycorrhiza spores

    Contains Beneficial Rhizo Bacteria, Seaweed meal and Humic acid.

    Increases root capacity by up to 700%

    Improves absorption of water and minerals from the soil which increases the growth ratio.

    Certified 100% Organic

  • £25.00£135.99

    The mighty Bio PK 5-8 Top-Booster from BioTabs yields large & fragrant BUDS.

  • £19.99£129.99

    Guerrilla Tabs are slow-release organic fertiliser tablets, that condition the soil through microbiological activity while fertilising the plant.

  • £26.00£108.50

    Has beneficial soil bacteria for the root system.

    Converts organic matter into nutrients.

    Certified 100% Organic.

  • £29.00£94.99

    Silicium Flash contains a quick-acting dose of Silicon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium that is rapidly absorbed by your plants.


  • £22.50£67.50

    100% Organic soil improver
    Brings soil back to life
    High probiotic bacteria content
    Contains silicon (Si) and Fulvic acid.


  • £18.00£60.00

    Biological Plant Drink 5-1-5

    The ORGANIC growth and flowering accelerator

    For indoor & outdoor growing

    For vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs

    For soil or coco

    Certified 100% Organic

  • £54.00

    Sufficient for 5 to 10 plants, depending on the used pot-size.
    Less work, better organic yields.
    Let nature do the work!

  • £37.99

    Bio Tabs Guerrilla Box & Guerrilla Juice all in one box. Organic slow release fertiliser tablets, booster juice and beneficial bacteria all in one tab.


  • £31.00

    Organic Plant Biostimulant

    100% VEGAN

    100% organic plant bio-stimulant

    100% natural amino acids, peptides, glucides & minerals

  • £25.00

    PK 5-8 from BioTabs gives your plants an extra boost and turns them into big yielders bursting with fruits and other interesting growth products.

    Bio PK 5-8 contains seaweed with added humic substances. Seaweed is very beneficial for plants helping with the growth of leaves, stems and flowers plus it also supports the development of a healthy root system. This is because it provides the plant with all the biologically active nutrients, such as enzymes, amino acids and plant hormones as well as being a source of auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins.

  • £21.00

    Guerrilla Juice works in harmony with the beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi.

    It contains balanced quantities of;
    Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe.