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  • £23.21£550.77

    Made entirely from vegetable ingredients
    and designed for organic gardening,
    Root•Juice™ combines two amazing
    natural substances: premium humic acid
    and seaweed. It’s specially formulated to
    encourage vigorous root development
    and enhance the natural biological life
    that surrounds and supports your plant’s
    root system.

  • £23.68£319.77

    This 100% organic flowering strengthener
    contains ingredients that can help increase
    the actual size and weight of the flower
    clusters. Nutrient uptake is improved. And
    plants grown result in sweeter, smooth
    tasting crops. How it activates the flow of
    nutrients is essentially down to how it’s able
    to free up the minerals calcium, iron and
    magnesium in the soil, which stimulate the
    plant’s metabolism
    The benefits of humic and fulvic acids in
    Top•Max™ is incredibly effective because
    of the humic acids it contains.

  • £65.61£201.86

    Stress-free, happy plants generally
    produce larger fruits. BioBizz Algamic
    comes to the rescue if they’ve suffered
    from overfeeding, deficiencies, diseases
    or fluctuations in temperature. It also
    ensures green leaves, by stimulating
    chlorophyll absorption.

  • £23.57£177.30

    Acti•Vera™ has been designed to protect
    the immune system, increase metabolism
    and enhance nutrient absorption in all
    sorts of plants.
    Bringing our plants for plants theory to life
    Acti•Vera™ makes plants stronger and
    healthier, both inside and out. It protects
    and activates the immune system,
    increases germination and plant
    metabolism – breaking down sugars and
    enhancing nutrient absorption. It really
    is a super, natural power product for
    plants – and it’s 100% vegan.

  • £11.51£107.43

    This rich infusion of organic fish emulsion
    from the North Sea, mixed together with
    extract of Dutch sugar beet helps
    accelerate the growth of all living
    organisms in the substrate. Help your plants to grow in all
    types of soil and coco-based substrates.

  • £11.75£66.25

    Trace elements and hormones of vegetable
    origin have also been added to Bio Bizz’s Bloom nutrient to help create
    a vigorous flowering plant.

  • £11.51£56.56

    Organic liquid growth fertilizer can be added
    to most types of soil and substrate

  • £17.00 £15.00

    This heavily pre-fertilized substrate
    mixture emulates a rich outdoor soil with a full micro active ecosystem. BioBizz All Mix 50Ltrs has
    been designed to have enough nutrient fuelled
    power to sustain lush growth for
    a 3-4 weeks, without any need to add
    any extra base fertiliser.

  • £13.00 £11.00

    Light Mix has also been specially blended to ensure optimal drainage throughout – an essential property if you use automatic irrigation systems.