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    Give the perfect gift. Gift Certificates ensure that your special person gets the perfect gift. You have the option to have gift certificates sent via email or regular mail.

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    SolarSystem 550 California LightWorks LED Grow Light

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    Mills Ultimate PK


    Mills Nutrients is designed from the ground up for performance, versatility, and ease of use. Made in the Dutch tradition of a two part base along with additives that provide your plants with everything they need and nothing they don’t; Mills is a pioneer in the field of bio-mineral plant nutrients, utilizing both synthetic and organic sources to optimize growth rates, yield, flavor, and aroma. Years of testing in soil, coco-coir, and hydroponic systems; in sterile systems or with beneficial biologics; in professional greenhouses and with hobbyist growers alike have led to a complete, easy to use line of products of unprecedented quality, providing all the nutritional elements your plants need with any growing method.

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    The timer is now safer and easier to use allowing the user to fine tune the flood times, breaking down the standard quater hour segments into minutes allowing more control & more pots on to one system. It has an easy cancel feature, LED lights to show the grower what the system is doing, and is also modular allowing easy fitting and maintenance.

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    This amazing new product totally throws traditional air intake practices to the wind. Instead of directing you fresh air in to the bottom of the grow room now with the help of the Diffuse Air, it now comes in at canopy height, with the help of a pair of ratchets you raise and lower with your grow lights.

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    A minimum application frequency of once a week is recomended with this product! It quickly establishes a 100% natural, “sticky” second skin around leaves that stops pests in their tracks! If you’re already in the midst of an insect infestation and need immediate results, spraying plants with Canna Cure for between 3 and 6 consecutive days guarantees to bring the situation back under control. Canna Cure can be used to tackle Spider Mites, Whitefly, Aphids, Mealybugs and Mildew problems from the beginning of vegetative growth through flowering and all the way to harvest. Safe for edible and ornamental crops, just make sure you apply thoroughly to upper and lower leaf surfaces.

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    GrowMix is a blend of the best types of peat in addition to various types of fibre and perlite, creating a media of lightness and good oxygen levels. Worm castings create vigorous plant growth and peat fibres increase water holding capabilities. GrowMix is the perfect substrate to start fertilising young plants without adding any other base nutrients for the first three weeks.


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    Silicon airline tubing is required when using ozone generators in your hydroponic irrigation system or fish tank. Ozone controls pathogens in the water but it has a detrimental effect on normal rubber/plastic airline.

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    Varible Heater Water Heater ( 70-150L ) Aquarium Tanks Temp 16-32c. Submerge in your nutrient tank to maintain a constant temperature and aid growing. Thermostatically controlled for accuracy and peace of mind.

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    A hygrometer is an invaluable peace of kit in the grow room. It records the highs & lows in the temperature in the room & if required in the nutrient tank as well. Giving the grower piece of mind knowing what the temperature hasn’t gone to high or low whilst no one was there to monitor it.

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    Active Eye Head Lamp

    See your plants clearly but keep them in the dark. Whether inspecting, feeding or applying pest control, if your plants are in their dark cycle you do not want to switch a light on. This ideal solution provides a green light so you can see to maintain your plants without affecting the photoperiod.
    This convenient, practical, hands free lamp uses high intensity LED bulbs with different settings.
    Uses three AAA batteries (not included)
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    Magnification: 60x to 100x

    Compact design allows you to place the base of the microscope on to the specimen and adjust the focus by gently turning the focusing dial for a perfect close-up view of your plants.
    Identification chart helps spot pests and diseases.
    Comes with protective pouch, instructions and batteries.
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    Improved drainage.
    Better air flow in rootzone.

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    Insulates against excessive temperatures in rootzone!
    Higher cation exchange capacity.
    Professional performance hydroponic medium!

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    Lightmix is attentively selected types of different peat. The inclusion of various types of fibre and perlite achieves a lightness and oxygen level that plants love. Lightmix is the perfect substrate to start to fertilise young plants without adding any other base nutrients for the first week or two.


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    This PPI Aqua-shuttle Bare unit with Adaptor comes with 1 x 13mm hose inlet and 6 x 6ml outlets with flow control and a multi-unit adapter.

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    Anti Glare sunglasses for the growroom! Helps you see your plants & potential problems in a more natural light.

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    Metallic Duct Tape 2″

    Essential to have on hand, never be without it.
    45m x 50mm
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    Rope Ratchet

    Light fixture hangings

    The Rope Ratchets pull tight, lock into place and are really durable. They are tough and will not let you down as each one will hold 68 Kilos, they are heat and cold resistant.
    Each Rope Ratchet has two quick release carabiner clips at each end for ease of use and 1.8 metres of tough braided polypropylene rope.