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  • £20.82£731.07

    Your plants will look forward to complete, all-round nirvana with Bio Bizz Bio Heaven. It contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino acids – the basic building blocks for proteins and enzymes that are essential for the plant’s structure and metabolism.

  • £69.99£240.00

    Resinator is a revolutionary flower enhancer that will dramatically increase essential oil production and flower mass. Resinator provides the highest quality soluble phosphorus and potassium for translocation to flowering sites.

    Using an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium designed to pack on extra size and weight to your harvest Rock Resinator ensures your favorite plants are given the best opportunity to develop to their fullest natural potential.

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    CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product that speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and encourages beneficial micro-organisms.

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    If you are growing in soil or hydroponic gardens and notice that your plants are looking great but not producing well or have been suffering from spider mites, powdery mildew, or wilting, then you need to invest in Flying Skull’s Z7

    Enzyme cleanser. This impressive probiotic plant product eliminates root-related problems and keeps irrigation equipment clean and working properly.

  • £28.00
    • Provides a cleaner root zone
    • Accelerates breakdown of dead roots
    • Effective in all growing media & growth stages
    • Compatible with all nutrient & supplement programs
    • Supports beneficial microbes

    Hygrozyme Enzyme breaks down old roots into food for your plants, it keeps the rhizosphere (root-zone) disease-free. Hygrozyme is made from earth-friendly natural ingredients and can also be used to prepare growing substrates for use a second time.