Beneficial Microbes And Mycelium

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    Great White is the most complete mycorrhizal product on the market.

    with Beneficial Bacteria and Trichoderma is the boost in life your plants need.

    The cutting-edge formula contains 16 different species of mycorrhizal fungi, 14 different species of beneficial bacteria and 2 species of Trichoderma, all in one product. Research shows that this powerful formula will encourage plant and root development, giving plants the tools they need to maximize yields.

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    Mycorrhizal fungi: Beneficial fungi that live in partnership with plant roots, providing nutrition and protection.

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    A granular innoculant comprised of Mycorrhizal fungi, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of micro organisms.

    When added to soil or coco, the Mycorrhizal fungi forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots; breaking down elements and making them available to the plants whilst feeding on the carbs that the plants produce. Think of them as a root extension, increasing nutrient uptake and speed of development.

    Micro organisms form a barrier against fungal pathogens such as fusarium and pythium, whilst bio-stimulants balance and co-ordinate biological activity. Use at every stage of potting up. This is rocket fuel for soil and coco mediums!

    Available in 350g and 700g