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  • £299.00

    This Control Panel Plus is a dual signal twin channel digital lighting controller for two channels (Zones). Capable of controlling up to 200 Lumatek controllable HID fixtures or ballasts with a digital RS485 signal or up to 50 LED drivers with analog 0-10V signal. It is possible to use each Zone to control fixtures in two independent separate rooms or to control up to 400 fixtures in one room with two different light source types.

  • £140.00

    • 400V Technology Max PAR Output
    • Surge Control® – Developed with new Surge Control® software, when multiple Digilight Pro® Max power packs are started from the same power supply they will safely ignite your lamps one at a time to reduce electrical surges
    • Soft start technology for longer lamp life and continual effective output
    • Dynamic frequency control for constant regulated output
    • Fast lamp re-strike ensures hot lamps start as quickly as possible
    • Diagnostic LED feature
    • Silent and lightweight

    Pro® Max 1000W is used with double ended 1000W, 400V lamp

  • £125.00

    Electronic ballasts produce more lumens per watt of energy consumed. More efficient than magnetic ballasts, up to 30% brighter. Use only high-quality lamps, PowerPlant® recommended. Allow adequate time for the lamp to cool down before reigniting, 20-30 minutes minimum.

    • 600 watt
    • Completely silent
    • Cut-off circuitry
    • Less heat
    • Small, compact design
    • Rubber feet
    • Can run Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium lamps
    • Super Lumen switch for use with HPS lamps ONLY – gives a 10% boost for flowering or when lamps are ageing.
  • £99.99

    Lumatek 400W digital ballasts are dimmable and produce consistent stable light output which is ideal for pharmaceutical agriculture, controlled-environment horticulture and other uses where precisely regulated output is essential.

  • £95.83

    This top of
    the range dimmable Ballast features a unique 4-setting control which offers
    dimming options of 250W, 400W, 600W and a super-lumen setting of 660W. All
    Ballasts feature a 1 metre mains lead with flying IEC lead for safety and are
    wall mountable. CE certified and guaranteed.

  • £85.00

    A complete plant vegging lighting kit that offers true value for money. The Omega ballast, 600w and euro reflector will provide all light requirements through your plants vegative growth cycle.

  • £120.00 £80.00

    1 x Omega 600w Digi Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast
    1 x Omega 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Bulb
    1 x Euro Reflector

  • £61.33

    iPac Hobby 600W Power pack


    Designed in the UK the iPac Hobby is wall mountable, offers cool and silent running with continuous Genuine Power output to your lamps. Available in *400W and 600W versions the iPac Hobby will replace our Megalight range and offer even more reliability, quality and value for money throughout the life of this precision wound ballast.


    • Matched digital Smart igniter
    • Wall Mountable, high gloss powder coated, vented metal enclosure
    • Precision wound ballast
    • Designed in the UK
    • Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps
  • £43.13

    C.E certified.
    3 year guarantee.
    1metre flying iec lead
    Wall mountable.

  • £43.13

    C E certified magnetic ballast,comes with 5 year guarantee!Cheap and cheerful yet a true 600 watts analogue ballast .Use with either high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp.
    Comes with 1m mains lead.