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  • £1,399.00

    Cropmaster LED 1000 is one of the best British LED’s on the market.  Replace your 600w HPS for the latest in LED tech.  Less heat in the summer & save hundreds of pounds over the LED’s lifetime in lower power bills. Grow Strong With Cropmaster

  • £950.00

    The Cropmaster PRO 600s is an extremely powerful lamp and is designed for commercial growers in large indoor rooms and glasshouses or large ventilated grow tents.

    The intended coverage area in an open room is 1.5 x 1.2m at 2.2m height, however, if you have a ventilated grow tent you can use the lamp in as small an areas as 1 x 1 x 1.8m.

    1. The same build as the Cropmaster PRO 1000 except using Pro Light Opto led family.
    2. 410w power consumption (140w less than the PRO 1000)
    3. 820 µmol (ppf).
    4. 2.0µmol/j (efficacy).
    5. Beats the old Budmaster GOD-9 range (same power more coverage).
  • £849.99

    ZEUS 600W Pro LED by Lumatek With the advances in technology and fixture performance, high quality LED horticultural lighting is now a credible option offering significant return on investment to cultivators.

  • £349.00

    The Lumatek Attis 300W is perfect for 0.8m sqare area and is ideal as sole-source or supplemental grow lighting for propagation, vegetative and flowering growth periods.

  • £299.00

    This Control Panel Plus is a dual signal twin channel digital lighting controller for two channels (Zones). Capable of controlling up to 200 Lumatek controllable HID fixtures or ballasts with a digital RS485 signal or up to 50 LED drivers with analog 0-10V signal. It is possible to use each Zone to control fixtures in two independent separate rooms or to control up to 400 fixtures in one room with two different light source types.

  • £249.00

    The Lumatek Attis 200W is perfect for 0.8m sqare area and is ideal as sole-source or supplemental grow lighting for propagation, vegetative and flowering growth periods of indoor-grown crops. Produced from ‘top bin’ LUMLED LEDs.  Also available in a 300w version.

  • £175.00

    Photon LED offer a useful answer to custom horticultural lighting situations.  In small spaces or larger indoor gardens, the Photon comes into its own with the multiple configurations that can be created.  With its unique hexagon shape its possible to add multiple units to rival HPS lamps of 600 and 1000w.  Cool running white cob light make this a unique & effective alternative to HPS lighting.

  • £80.00

    Cropmaster CROP-OD-11 strip lights are an ideal full spectrum low wattage but high output LED. A good alternative for traditional T5 or CFL grow lights. These lights run cool so you can leave them on for 24 hours and they won’t even get warm.

  • £20.00

    The Green Hornet LED allows you to work in your room at night without disturbing your plant’s photoperiod and without pulling an excessive amount of power (only 3.5w) and 480 lumens.

    It also works with your standard 110v light fixture. This LED bulb will make life a lot easier on you and your plants.