Cropmaster LED

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  • £1,399.00

    Cropmaster LED 1000 is one of the best British LED’s on the market.  Replace your 600w HPS for the latest in LED tech.  Less heat in the summer & save hundreds of pounds over the LED’s lifetime in lower power bills. Grow Strong With Cropmaster

  • £950.00

    The Cropmaster PRO 600s is an extremely powerful lamp and is designed for commercial growers in large indoor rooms and glasshouses or large ventilated grow tents.

    The intended coverage area in an open room is 1.5 x 1.2m at 2.2m height, however, if you have a ventilated grow tent you can use the lamp in as small an areas as 1 x 1 x 1.8m.

    1. The same build as the Cropmaster PRO 1000 except using Pro Light Opto led family.
    2. 410w power consumption (140w less than the PRO 1000)
    3. 820 µmol (ppf).
    4. 2.0µmol/j (efficacy).
    5. Beats the old Budmaster GOD-9 range (same power more coverage).