LED Grow Lights

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  • £850.00 £750.00

    SolarSystem 550 California LightWorks LED Grow Light

  • £200.00 £180.00

    California Lightworks SolarSystem Controller for up to 100 LEDs.



  • £175.00

    Photon LED’s FullPhotoSpec™ light spectrum(fig. A) is the result of multiple years of research into optimum light spectrums for plant growth. The result of this extensive research has led us to develop a full spectrum light with a spectrum which closely mimics the McCree Curve.

    Designed in the 1970s by Dr McCree, The McCree curve outlines the plant’s average response to different wavelengths and each wavelength’s importance to plant growth. Photosynthesis was found to largely occur between wavelengths of 400nm (deep blue) to 700nm (far red), which is commonly known as the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). Therefore, it is widely accepted that a grow light emitting a spectrum closest to the McCree curve will show a higher rate of photosynthesis than one that does not; this translates to a larger, faster-growing plant and an increase in yield.

  • £25.00

    The Green Hornet LED

    Allows you to work in your room at night without disturbing your plant’s photoperiod and without pulling an excessive amount of power (only 3.5w) and 480 lumens it also works with your standard 110v light fixture. This LED bulb will make life a lot easier on you and your plants.

    All Green Hornets are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
    The Light-Emitting Diode is a superb man-made lighting source. The LED light offers a multitude of advantages over all other light sources including lowest energy consumption, longest lifetime, highest durability and light without UV rays and heat.

  • £12.94

    Active Eye Head Lamp

    See your plants clearly but keep them in the dark. Whether inspecting, feeding or applying pest control, if your plants are in their dark cycle you do not want to switch a light on. This ideal solution provides a green light so you can see to maintain your plants without affecting the photoperiod.
    This convenient, practical, hands free lamp uses high intensity LED bulbs with different settings.
    Uses three AAA batteries (not included)