AC Fans

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  • £220.00 £180.00

    The all in one environmental controller thats used for switching lamps and heater on and off, controls the speed of two fans according to the temperature. Simply plug in and use straight away.

  • £165.00

    Black Orchid Silent Hybrid-flo In-Line Extractor 8″ fan (200mm) is an exceptionally quiet fan. With inline acoustic dampening capabilities it is a delight to, not hear! The metal casing and slim streamline design resemble a Zeppelin, which make this surely one of the nicest good-looking yet practical fans on the market today.


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  • £110.00

    Let Rhino do the work! The RC-1 thermostatically controlled, dual fan controller enables growers to create the ultimate two fan air exchange system.

  • £44.00£94.00

    Ram Fans offer performance and innovation at a great price. All RAM Fans feature: quiet operation, high output, durable plastic housing designed for acoustic dampening, CE/ROHS recognized components, high quality moulded impeller, thermally protected AC motor and includes mounting brackets.

  • £29.99£59.99

    This amazing new product totally throws traditional air intake practices to the wind. Instead of directing you fresh air into the bottom of the grow room now with the help of the DiffuseAir it now comes in at canopy height, with the help of a pair of ratchets you raise and lower with your grow lights.

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    Use to boost your air flow over long distance or as a stand alone fan.

  • £12.50

    Keeping the air moving around in a small area such as a tent, is easy with this small 6 Inch Clip-on Fan. The fan can be quickly attached to the tent frame or a shelf and doesn’t take up the space of a pedestal fan. Great little product.