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We all hate plant pests and plant diseases but here at Bill and Ben’s HydroWorld we can help you to avoid plant diseases and fight back against plant pests. We are on your side!

We sell a range of products for dealing out deadly blows to creepy crawlies – not just the ones that we can see but also the ones we can’t.

From plant spider mite to thrip or fungus gnats and airborne fungal spores, we can help.
To discuss the botrytis and mildew that is invading your garden or for some reassuring advice about what can be done to eliminate these problems from crops, please contact us.

We can employ a number of strategies to deal with unwanted invaders and plant diseases in our gardens ranging from; organic approaches both and new & old and conventional pesticides to diatomaceous earth and sticky pest traps and even frequency altered water!

At Bill and Ben’s HydroWorld we stock an array of aggressive and effective pesticides that will kill your insects and their eggs and we supply more gentle approaches that take a few  more applications but work just as effectively.
Did you know… The gestation period of a mite is typically 3-5 days – so spraying needs to match that over several applications.

Over time insects can build up immunity to certain pesticides so it’s important to change your bug killer insecticides regularly and use one with a different active ingredient as its base.

Please be aware that here at Bill & Bens we care about the environment and so we adhere to the European guide of banned pesticides.

You may want to refer to our information section where there are articles, identification charts and pictures on these subjects.

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