More on music to grow plants

More on music to grow plants

Right up to the time of writing this, to this day (Maximums Yields Article -April 2018), we’ve all come across the notion that  music improves the growth of plants and that plants can grow stronger and healthier if we take some time out of our day to talk to them.

All of these popular notions came from experiments that took place at some point in the history of science, giving way to other fascinating experiments, stories, and myths, but above all, an impressive adventure in sound.  Dr. Gustav Theodor Fechner‘s claims in 1848 that plants are capable of feeling  human emotions to Sir Jagadish Chandra Bos‘s study of electrical signalling in plants that supported Hindu theories of plant consciousness,  the field of scientific speculation about communication in plants became fertile ground for a cultural belief system endowing the Plantae kingdom with anthropomorphic characteristics.

Why not listen to Data Gardens collection of sounds for plant growth by clicking on the following links 


We also have our in house DJ Rob Vega who’s many musical mixes in varying styles is sure to suit every stage of your plants life –