Lock Down Pads. Bugs on Lock Down!

Lock Down Pads. Bugs on Lock Down!

Here at Bill and Ben’s, we value the little things as much as the big things. We could sell you a plant master 3000 with a high price tag if that’s what you need, but have you also thought about those more basic details in your grow like protecting your plants from marauding invaders?? It can and does happen.


Expensive grow setups are all well & good but if you don’t take care of the smaller details like pest control, for example, all your hard work could be for nothing.


This ingenious design from High Yield Products puts bug control/prevention into a no mess, no fuss one stop shop and also helps in monitoring your bug problem in an environmentally friendly format, free from poisons and pesticides.


The idea was conceived about 10 years ago. Whilst one of the original HYP staff was working in a garden that was infested with Thrips and Fungus Gnats, he observed that the bugs were mostly located at the base of the Plant. He also observed that when the garden owner applied pesticides all over the plant, most of it dripped directly into the soil beneath the plant, soaking directly into the soil below. With the plant expected to bear fruit within a month, it was obvious that the pesticides would be sucked up by the plant and ultimately eaten by the consumer.

At this point, the HYP brains kicked in — and the Lockdown Pad was born!


The Lock Down Pads are made from a bright yellow Hydroponic plastic which is coated on one side in a specially formulated water-resistant adhesive which is odourless & noxious chemical free, ensuring the safest environment for your plants, water and soil. The bright yellow colour attracts a multitude of mini beasts including Spider Mite, Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Fruit Flies & White Fly. Keeping your grow pollutant-free is of the utmost importance, so where the war against bugs is concerned, it needs to be conducted as cleanly and as efficiently as possible. Lock Down Pads do this and more with ease.


Lock Down Pads are designed to sit at the base of the plant and can be configured 3 different ways. Cone down, wrapped around the base with the adhesive side facing in or outwards. With adhesive facing inwards, you can monitor any insects that emerge from the ground and in what quantity. With adhesive facing outwards, this helps keep water away from the bulk of the plant while continuing to monitor insect footfall. Used in its most basic format, Lock Down Pads sit at the top of your pot with adhesive side up or down. It’s that simple.


Like I said at the start of this blog it’s the details that can make or break you and these are definitely one of the most important components in your room.


Lock Down Pads also help in preventing debris entering the growing medium & reduce the possibility of mould or algae forming. Long lasting and suitable for any stage of growth. They can be used indoors and outdoors and come in a variety of sizes from ½, 1, 3, 6, and 12 inches.

Lock Down Pads