How To Use Hydroponic Kits To Grow Your Own Garden

How To Use Hydroponic Kits To Grow Your Own Garden

A really interesting consequence of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions is the surge in interest in gardening, with many of us out there trying out our green fingers, some for the very first time, because of all the extra hours we’ve been spending at home to help slow the spread of coronavirus and protect the NHS.

However, recent research from the Office for National Statistics found that 12 per cent of households in Great Britain have no access at all to either a private or a shared garden… so the gardening opportunities for many are non-existent at the moment.

Or are they? There is an option that you may not have considered before and that’s making excellent use of hydroponic kits to sow your seeds and soon have a flourishing indoor garden that will be the envy of all your friends and family.

Hydroponic farming is a way of growing your favourite plants using mineral nutrient solutions without soil but in water instead, using nutrients from the likes of fish waste, duck manure or normal nutrients like potassium and nitrogen phosphorus.

What this means is that you’re able to grow plants without having to have any ground in which to plant them, so they’re easy to grow indoors and you don’t have to miss out on the fun of growing anything and everything.

In fact, you may find that your plants do a lot better with a hydroponic system than your friends’ plants do in their gardens. It’s a really efficient way of growing and your plants will soon be sprouting merrily away – and you may even end up with more yield using hydro than if you decided to grow in soil.

Another key point to bear in mind if you’re debating trying hydro out for the first time is that you’ll save a lot of space because your plants won’t need to spread their roots out into soil and you’ll be able to pack your plants closer together.

From an eco perspective, there are benefits as well, and this method of growing can help save water because you use covered reservoirs that are sealed so no water escapes out of the bottom. And the plants themselves only use the exact amount of water they need to grow, with the rest stored in the reservoir for later.

Outdoor gardens with plants in soil need daily watering, which leads to a lot of wastage, so if you’re something of an eco warrior, this could be the perfect way to garden for you.

And if you hate bugs and creepy crawlies, hydroponics are great because you won’t see nearly as many pests as you would if you had everything outside in the fresh air. Why don’t you get yourself a kit and give it a go? You may find yourself very pleasantly surprised, indeed!