Houseplant Symbolism

Houseplant Symbolism

We are huge fans of the ongoing houseplant trend. No matter whether they’re huge statement plants that will look incredible in your home and on Instagram, or you’re growing your own fruit and veg indoors, there are so many benefits that come with looking after plants at home.

We can be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the plants we want to decorate our homes with, so we’ve decided to take a look at the symbolism and meanings behind some of our favourite indoor plants.

The list is compiled of plants that are said to attract love, wealth, and happiness, which should make it easier to decide on a meaningful gift for a special occasion, even if the gift is for you, and the special occasion is as simple as it being Wednesday!

For Health

Snake plants are seriously low-key: they don’t need much water, they thrive in pretty much any light conditions, and their leaves require minimal dusting. For minimal effort, though, you can expect maximum impact: these health-boosting plants pull toxins from the air during the day then release oxygen at night, making them perfect for bedrooms.

For Luck

There’s a reason why bamboo plants are known as ‘lucky bamboo’, and it can be due to the number of stalks on your plant, which can affect the meaning significantly. Think two for love, three for a long and happy life, five for wealth, seven for health, eight for growth, nine for luck, and 10 for perfection.

If you find one with 21 stalks, be sure to pick it up: this is the luckiest of all and is said to imbue its owner with an overall powerful blessing.

Aloe plants are super-easy to grow and packed full of health benefits. However, they’re also said to bring good fortune, which is why, in South Africa, they hang aloe vera above the entrances of homes for luck.

For Love

In a study carried out by Kagoshima University in Japan, lavender was proven to have stress-relieving qualities, and that smelling lavender can trigger relaxing effects in our bodies. It’s a symbol of consistency, devotion, and love too.

For Happiness

While Boston ferns are maybe not suitable for beginners, as they need a little more work than some houseplants, they are worth the extra effort. Not only does this plant purify the air by removing toxins, but caring for a living thing is proven to boost our moods, too.

This is because it gives us a purpose and feels incredibly rewarding – especially when we get to see that living thing bloom and thrive. The rule is to never let a Boston fern dry out. Ever. Instead, you need to keep the soil moist and humidity level high

For Wealth

The Chinese money plant is known for being easy to look after. It should only be watered when the soil feels dry. Keep it in a sunny spot, and feed it once a month.

You might want to make that sunny spot your feng shui money area (perhaps near your home office, or wherever you sort out your finances), though, as this pretty plant is said to bring good fortune, money and abundance to its owner.

Whatever indoor plants you choose, if you need hydroponic retailers in Wiltshire, then visit us today.