Why is the growing environment so important

When we grow indoors we have to replicate mother nature and provide all the things that she does in the environment.

Some of the main factors are temperature, adequate air supply, extraction and movement, all of which are such an important factor in a growing environment that they cannot be overstated. Plants are just like us, they feel the cold and get hungry and thirsty and if you are uncomfortable in your growing environment then so your plants will be as well!

One needs to be aware that when replicating nature we need to have all the elements under control light, water, food and water, hopefully this is as automated as possible to take away any discretions that we as human might make.

The other thing to consider in the grow room is hygiene, this space needs to be as clean as you can make it and be treated like a laboratory. Often people have their own work clothes/uniform that is only worn in the workspace as this reduces the chance of contamination either through bacteria or insects that can be transported into the grow area on your clothes after you have been walking the dog or playing with the kids down the park.Insects and moulds love human made artificial grow rooms because of their lack of natural predators and ideal colony making habitat. The temperature is right and the food abundant so it only takes a few unwanted guests to establish themselves very quickly and before you know it they are everywhere.