Diffuse Air from Global Air Supplies (G.A.S.)

Diffuse Air from Global Air Supplies (G.A.S.)

Here a new thing we’re excited about 🙂

Diffuse Air is an adjustable ceiling suspended aerodynamically efficient fan air diffuser that works well in small and large spaces.  It actually directs air from inside or outside of the grow room and forces it over the canopy exactly where it is required. This rethinks the traditional way of introducing fresh air from the bottom of the room and relying on the heat to make it rise which depletes CO2 in the process.  

The Diffuse Air also replaces the oscillating fans that growers rely on for mixing the micro climate in their growing environment eliminating the need for an oscillating fan above the canopy.  All too often regular fans pointing directly at plants can cause such problems as wind burn etc! With the Diffuse Air your plants will gently sway as the air is circulated around them using the ”Coanda Effect’ patented by Henri Coanda in 1936.  Whilst working on an aircraft he noticed that the motor driven engine pushed hot air to the rear and was then attracted to hard surfaces nearby.

Whilst the Diffuse Air doesn’t need any hard surfaces because the air slots cut into the side of the diffuser shoots solid walls of air out that the hot air is then attracted to.  The diffusers have been designed to work with ‘The SystemAir RVK – A Fans’ (the smaller of the 2 in their range) by a team of SystemAir developers tasked by Ian Collins of Global Air Supplies (G.A.S) who noticed that restaurants had air diffusers in the their ceilings and wondered weather this could be used in the hydroponic industry!

The length and intricate segmental slots cut and formed to the perfect angle have been designed by some of the best ventilation brains in the industry after months and months of research and development.This i’m sure you will agree is a revolutionary piece of kit that will improve horticulturists yields dramatically  save you lots and lots of money spent on sub standard oscillating fans.


Various sizes from 100 – 125 – 200 – 250ml