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    A PK 13/14 Booster for fruiting crops. Using this product will ensure your fruit crops benefit from faster growth as well as larger and more dense crops. Also contains some elements of Nitrogen to maintain a balanced nutrient profile.

    Bill Sez:
    This product is NOT 100% organic, if you are following an organic regime it is advisory not to use this product.

    Ben Sez:
    Store in a cool dry place away from children. Always wear gloves and
    eye protection when using this product. In case of contact with skin and eyes rinse with clean running water.

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    A granular innoculant comprised of Mycorrhizal fungi, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of micro organisms.

    When added to soil or coco, the Mycorrhizal fungi forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots; breaking down elements and making them available to the plants whilst feeding on the carbs that the plants produce. Think of them as a root extension, increasing nutrient uptake and speed of development.

    Micro organisms form a barrier against fungal pathogens such as fusarium and pythium, whilst bio-stimulants balance and co-ordinate biological activity. Use at every stage of potting up. This is rocket fuel for soil and coco mediums!

    Available in 350g and 700g

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    Bio-Wetter is an organic wetting agent extracted from the Yukka plant.

    This wetter contains natural bio stimulants and water tension breaking saponins.
    Bio-Wetter is also an excellent anti-stress agent helping your plants to recover from things such as transplanting, extreme temperatures, toxic shock and transportation damage.

    Benefits of Bio-Wetter

    Bio-Wetter, when used as a foliar spray, will:

    • Reduce surface tension
    • Improve the performance of pesticides
    • Improve water spread and penetration
    • Improve uptake of nutrients and trace elements

    When used as a drench Bio-Wetter will:

    • Increase biological activity within the medium
    • Improve seed germination
    • Improve nutrient absorption
    • Stimulate plant growth
    • Soften hard compacted soil

    How to Use

    Always shake well before use

    Foliar Spray: Add 1.5ml of Bio-Wetter to 1 Litre of water.

    Soil Drench:
    Add 2.5ml–3ml Bio-Wetter to 1 Litre of water.

    Caution: Do not inhale or swallow. Wear protective eye goggles and suitable gloves when handling and using this product. Keep away from children.

    Also available in 125ml