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  • £79.95£475.95

    Green Qube Grow Tents.

    Green-Qube grow rooms are British designed & engineered, harnessing pioneering quality, class-leading components and technology-led features.

    With a hanging weight of over 100kg + 25mm x 1mm poles & corners, Green-Qube grow tents are superiorly strong and durable at affordable prices.

    Our larger Green-Qube tents are now 2.2m high at no extra cost!  Or if you want to go old-school go for the 2m high option.  The choice is YOURS!

  • £275.99£440.00

    Quick Qube Grow Tents

    The Quick-Qube is a brand new and FAST way to grow. Its game-changing patent-pending framework is an adapted industrial gazebo frame that simply pop-ups, allowing you to put your grow tent up – and take down-  in minutes.

  • £436.05

    Base 2.4 x 2.4
    Height 2 – 2.2

  • £185.95£299.95
    • Measures 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.8m
    • 42 degrees roof to neatly slot into lofts and eave spaces
    • Lower height of 1.8m ideal for attics and basements
    • 25mm x 1mm powder-coated über strong metal poles
    • XREFLECT® diamond mylar for superior reflectivity & fewer hotspots
    • Hanging weight of +100kg
    • 1 x main access door and 1 x side door
    • 1 Sensor Window®
    • Double stitching
    • Double zips plus rubber backed, waterproof and military-grade
    • 1 x Uplift Bar® for gravity-fed water systems e.g. Autopot, Multiflow & IWS Systems
    • 4 x 9″ double oversized extract socks which fit all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting
    • 1 x cable sock
    • 3 x outside passive vents with 700 microns bug-proof MicroMesh
    • Double stitching
    • LightSavers® on all vents to deflect light
    • StitchBLOCK® with Tritec® foam technology for ultra-blackout light proofing
    • British engineered and designed
    • Plus door hooks, hanging straps & spill tray
  • £258.75

    Base 2.4 x 1.2
    Height 1.8 – 2 – 2.2

  • £189.95

    For advanced LED growing, our LED-Qube grow room has been designed specifically for those growing with LEDs. With SpectraX® reflective white mylar for ultimate PAR light reflectivity, smaller socks, inbuilt Thermal Blankets on roof and floor to aid heat retention and specific tent dimensions for optimum growing.

    LED-Qube grow tents carry the same features and components as our flagship Green-Qube range of grow rooms and have strength, quality and innovation at its core.

  • £162.92

    Base 1.2 x 1.2
    Height 1.8 – 2 – 2.2

  • £129.95£139.95

    The X-Qube Module 120 creates a fully sealed porch area around grow tents measuring 1.2m x 1.2m, such as the GQ120.  They will fit either 2m or 2.2m high tents

    The X-Qube Module is a brand new concept for indoor growing, by attaching the X-Qube Module to your existing grow tent a sealed unit is created.  The Module wraps around your tent:

    X-Qube Module wraps around the the GQ120 or ANY grow tent measuring 1.2m x 1.2m.    Please note you must have already purchased a GQ120 (or it will fit other grow tent brands measuring 1.2m x 2.4m)  and then you can then simply buy the X-Qube Module to add-on to create your extension porch.