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    BioTabs PK Booster

    Bat Guano


    P releasing bacteria

    K mobilising bacteria

    Selected special ingredients

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    Organic Soil Conditioner.

    Blend of 9 species of Endo Mycorrhiza spores

    Contains Beneficial Rhizo Bacteria, Seaweed meal and Humic acid.

    Increases root capacity by up to 700%

    Improves absorption of water and minerals from the soil which increases the growth ratio.

    Certified 100% Organic

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    NPK 4-3-3

    Replaces liquid growth and flowering nutrients

    Contains: Silicon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium

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    Organic Liquid Fertiliser NPK: 5–1–5

    The ORGANIC growth and flowering accelerator

    For indoor & outdoor growing

    For vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs

    For soil or coco

    Certified 100% Organic

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    Organic Plant Biostimulant

    100% VEGAN

    100% organic plant bio-stimulant

    100% natural amino acids, peptides, glucides & minerals

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    GuerrillaTabs & GuerrillaJuice in one box.

    Organic slow release fertiliser tablets, juice AND beneficial bacteria
    For the Guerrillafarmer
    For 5 very big plants
    Less work, better yields. Let nature do the work for you.
    The Guerrilla Box will get the most out of your plants, organically of course.

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    Bio PK 5-8

    Organic liquid fertiliser NPK: 2–5–8 + seaweed, vitamins, auxins and other phytohormones.

    The mighty Bio PK 5-8 Top-Booster from BioTabs yields large & fragrant BUDS

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    Guerrilla Juice

    500ml NPK 5-1-5

    Guerrilla Juice works in harmony with the beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi.

    It contains balanced quantities of;
    Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe.