Beneficial Health Products

Here at Bill & Bens Beneficials we have been busy creating

A brand new range of health food supplements the properties of which we have been championing for years.   The many benefits of these supplements are abundant consisting of combos of herbs and formulas that have been tested personally by us.  We have started with CBD (Cannabidiol) because of the many possibilities that it may offer.  We believe we have come up with some truly beneficial herbal combos that can help with a multitude of different issues.  Our CBD Oils are made from the whole hemp plant and includes a full spectrum (flowers, leaves and twigs) of elements from the plant. 

We have been working closely with one of the CTAUK (Cannabis Trade Association UK) licensed testing laboratories, one of only 3 approved by the CTAUK here in the UK.   All our products are tested for strength and purity and come with lab reports with each batch and can be traced from seed through cultivation and manufacture to the retailer. 

Although we can’t offer any advice on this subject at the moment there is plenty of data available on the world wide web.

These product are not to be used instead of a varied diet and are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.