Air and Ventilation Control Products

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Air supply, temperature, movement and stale air extraction and are so important in creating a good growing area indoors.

When we grow inside we have to replicate Mother Nature and provide all the things that she does in the environment. Some of the main factors are adequate air supply, temperature, extraction and movement of air! Daytime temperatures around 24-250 C (degrees Celsius) are optimal but hard to achieve without the help of fans to expel the hot stale air. The night time temperature should drop no more than 70 C below the daytime temperature to prevent stretch occurring between the branches.  A number of plants species will stop growing under 150 C and get too hot over 30 0 C.  Also certain nutrients become immobile and therefore unavailable to the plants at temperatures below 170 C.  Ideally we would aim for a working ‘good growth’ temperature between 19 – 280 C.