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  • £170.00

    Accurately measure the pH value of a solution

    • range 0-14 pH
    • accuracy ± 0.1pH
    • simple push button calibration
    • lightweight and portable
    • quality pH probe and solutions included
  • £144.00 £140.00

    The perfectpH is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your
    hydroponics system, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal nutrient absorption.

  • £139.73

    The timer is now safer and easier to use allowing the user to fine tune the flood times, breaking down the standard quater hour segments into minutes allowing more control & more pots on to one system. It has an easy cancel feature, LED lights to show the grower what the system is doing, and is also modular allowing easy fitting and maintenance.

  • £112.13

    Let Rhino do the work! The RC-1 thermostatically controlled, dual fan controller enables growers to create the ultimate two fan air exchange system.

    Intake and extraction fans will run at maximum speed to quickly establish desired temperature, once reached the fans will drop to a minimum idle speed ensuring the room is adequately ventilated and preventing air leaks.

    Supplied with full instructions and hard-wired temperature probe.

  • £99.00

    The PerfectPH is a revolutionary PH stabiliser that automatically balances the pH of your hydroponics system, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal nutrient absorption. Using next-generation ionisation technology, PerfectPH eliminates excess PH swing that inhibits plant growth and weakens the plants immune system. Eliminate chemical buffers, frequent reservoir changes, pests, wasted water and nutrients as well as dramatically increasing yields with the same technology used by NASA! Simply drop into your reservoir and enjoy.

  • £74.99

    Bill and Ben highly recommend this EC truncheon. The most widely used EC meter on the market.

    • no calibration required
    • auto on/off feature
    • fully waterproof
    • batteries included
  • £69.99

    Bluelab testing meters are well respected as one of the best in the horticultural industry and this compact ph pen delivers high accuracy and long life with the correct care.

  • £65.00

    Aptus Topbooster is a combination of a flowering and maturation stimulator.

    Just like Startbooster, Topbooster is a concentrated product that contains multiple active ingredients that all have a stimulating effect on the flowering process. Topbooster gives big buds with lots of fibres, resin and sugars. plants treated with Topbooster will stand out for the quality of the end product. No other product has such a strong effect on the looks and taste of the end product.
    Topbooster is highly concentrated and thus cheap to use. A small bottle is often enough for a complete growth cycle as you only need small dosages.

  • £70.00 £59.99

    The HI-98118 is an advanced meter while maintaining simplicity. The front of the meter has two buttons. One is for turning the meter on and off while the other is used to enter the calibration mode. There is a third button in the battery compartment that allows the user to customise the meter to their preference. Customisation includes temperature readout in °C or °F, automatic shut off selectable from 8 minutes, 60 minutes or disabled, and lastly the choice of using Hanna’s Quick Cal pH/EC standard or traditional buffers values of pH 4.01, 7.01 and 10.01.

  • £59.99

    Compact one-hand device helps manage the success of crops.

  • £49.16

    • Best value in its class

    • Reads from 0.00 to 14.0 pH

    • Accurate to +/ 0.1pH

    • Hold button for easy reading

    • Auto shut-off saves on batteries

    • Automatic Calibration: Auto-ranging to 4, 7 or 10 pH

    • Very reliable and long lasting

    • Slow battery indicator

    • Glass encased reference electrode – helps retain moisture

    • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • £45.00

    BIO-GRANULES is a purely natural product, pressed from the ripe seeds of the Neem tree. This dried extract has been used for centuries against the harmful nematodes living in the soil but has no effect on beneficial insects living in the soil. BIO-GRANULES also accelerate root development and overall plant growth. It breaks the life cycle (egg and larval stages) of soil-dwelling harmful nematodes (Root-knot, Root lesion nematodes, cutworm, centipede, rough woodlouse, crane fly, carrot fly and Fungus gnat) and the springtails and root lice in the Hydroculture.

  • £44.85

    • A reliable, long lasting EC meter purposely designed for the UK hydroponics market

    • Reads in mS, ppt, as well as uS and ppm

    • Best value in its class

    • Accurately measures Electrical Conductivity (EC), TDS and temperature

    • Water resistant housing

    • Hold button and auto shut-off

    • Digital calibration (push button)

  • £31.61

    Powerful submersible water pump.

    • Can be used externally or submerged
    • Silent & low maintenance
    • Offer a 360 degree rotating waterproof outlet
    • Innovative 3-suction cup mount support bracket

  • £35.00 £31.60

    30 x capsules @ 10mg per cap, including 500mg of 100% Cannabis Sativa L (from the whole plant). Please go to our sister site to purchase CBD products – Bill & Bens Beneficial Health Products 


  • £35.00 £31.60

    Bill & Ben’s Beneficial Feel:good CBD Balm is easy to apply topically into problem areas of the body and disappears quickly, penetrating directly into the cannabinoid receptors that are located all over the skin. The balm has a base of Cold pressed Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Shea & Cocoa butter, Grape seed oil & Madagascan vanilla essence oil.

    1% Feel:good CBD balm (300mg) in a 30ml glass container

    Click this – link to be taken to our sister site Bill & Bens Beneficials Health Products for purchase.

  • £38.00 £29.99

    The DiffuseAir thows mixed air into the canopy (just where it is required) passing thru it & then coming back thru the plants as the air heats up. After 10 minutes alll the micro climates and dead areas will be eliminated. Plants under the deffuser gently rock with the wind rather than fight against it.

  • £30.00 £27.00

    Ideal for use with CO2 and LED light users as they run quietly and are well matched to expel the low levels of heat created.

    • Plug-and-play, no wiring necessary
    • Slim profile
    • 2 year warranty
    • RoHs compliant & CE marked.

  • £26.25

    Get off to a good start with all you need to begin the bacterial colonisation and cycling of your system.

  • £25.00

    Bio PK 5-8

    Organic liquid fertiliser NPK: 2–5–8 + seaweed, vitamins, auxins and other phytohormones.

    The mighty Bio PK 5-8 Top-Booster from BioTabs yields large & fragrant BUDS

  • £25.00

    The Green Hornet LED

    Allows you to work in your room at night without disturbing your plant’s photoperiod and without pulling an excessive amount of power (only 3.5w) and 480 lumens it also works with your standard 110v light fixture. This LED bulb will make life a lot easier on you and your plants.

    All Green Hornets are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
    The Light-Emitting Diode is a superb man-made lighting source. The LED light offers a multitude of advantages over all other light sources including lowest energy consumption, longest lifetime, highest durability and light without UV rays and heat.

  • £25.00 £22.50

    Ideal for use with CO2 and LED light users as they run quietly and are well matched to expel the low levels of heat created.

    • Plug-and-play, no wiring necessary
    • Slim profile
    • 2 year warranty
    • RoHs compliant & CE marked.

  • £25.00 £22.00

    Contains a well-balanced proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with good availability and long-term supply. Promotes a healthy biological presence in the growing media, improving nutrient cycling and availability as well as improved root growth. Contains naturally occurring activators of plants’ immune response, elevating defence against bacterial and fungal diseases. Easy to apply thanks to user-friendly sandy texture. 100% Organic – Approved by the Soil Association. NPK – 3/2/4

  • £19.99

    Guerrilla Juice

    500ml NPK 5-1-5

    Guerrilla Juice works in harmony with the beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi.

    It contains balanced quantities of;
    Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe.